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Descalers and Chemical Cleaners

boiler scaleFeedwater manufactures and supplies a range of high quality, descaling chemicals and water system cleaning chemicals for UK and export customers. We also have over 30 years hands-on experience disinfecting and cleaning all kinds of industrial and commercial water systems so if you don’t fancy doing it yourself we can do it for you.

Our industrial water system descaling and acid cleaning products are easy to use and come with full technical support, take a look at what we offer below and discuss with us how we can help you today.

own label descaling chemicalsOwn Label Chemical Descalers, and Chemical Cleaners

We can supply you with our acid cleaning products with your own label on the drum. So if you are a water treatment service company, a specialist cleaning contractor or an FM company looking to increase your added value, why not contact us because we can help you.

Export Distributors Wanted

We are always looking for professional overseas partners and distributors, so if you are a water treatment specialist looking for an alternative supplier for your water treatment products, or you believe you have the capability to establish a high quality water treatment service operation in your own territory, then please contact us to discuss our descaling chemicals.

Pre-commission Cleaning Chemicals & Closed System Renovation Cleaners

Preclean 100 is a non-acidic pre-commission chemical cleaner which is used to clean new closed system heating and cooling systems to remove corrosion products and other contaminants prior to the system being inhibited.

Corrosperse 84 is a high strength non-acidic chelant cleaner which can be used both for pre-commission cleaning and renovation / restoration cleaning of closed systems. It is extremely effective at dissolving rust and other corrosion products and can restore flow and heat transfer to severely fouled systems.

Supersperse is a special surfactant for removing oil and grease.

TT20 is a special corrosion inhibitor adjunct used when cleaning systems containing both aluminium and copper.

Descaler Chemicals and Acid Cleaning Chemicals

Descaler SF is an inhibited liquid acid cleaning product based on hydrochloric acid which is ideal for boiler scale removal and descaling heat exchangers which are choked with lime-scale and other deposits.

Descaling Powder is a sulphamic acid based cleaner which is milder in its action than Descaler SF and is ideal for cleaning sensitive equipment like stainless steel heat exchangers and cooling towers.

Neutralising Powder can be used to neutralise the acid cleaning effluent before discharging it to sewer or foul drain.


You can now purchase selected Feedwater chemicals, equipment & lab testing services online.


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